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'Wonderful, easy to read, filled with so much detail. It should be basic reading for all schools' literature courses'

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'A book which should be enjoyed by both the Shakespeare buff and those who have a more passing acquaintance with the Bard' 

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'Secret Will is the first book I have read about Shakespeare that I would describe as being a real page turner'

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'This is the one book I would recommend to someone who wants to know more about Shakespeare'

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Prithee, good friend,

lend me your ears ...


Secret Will is available both as an ebook and as a 420-page paperback.

My name is William Shakespeare, but you can call me Will.  I was born in 1564 in a world very different, yet in many ways not unlike, your own.  You may have heard of me, I knocked out one or two plays in my time, not to mention the odd poem and quite a few sonnets.  People have never stopped arguing about them since. 


Now a worthy fellow named Paul Chapman has come along and written a meticulously researched and very readable book titled Secret Will: How People, Events and a Dancing Horse Inspired Shakespeare.  I think you will like it. 


For more information, kindly click on the 'What's It About?' link above, check out the reviews to see what other readers think, and then you can order your very own copy from Amazon or Book Depository by clicking on 'Order Here'.



British-born Paul has spent 50 years as a journalist, including working for the BBC World Service in London, as an overseas correspondent for the UK Daily Telegraph, and at The Dominion Post newspaper in Wellington.  Now retired, he lives in New Zealand.  He has watched, read and studied Shakespeare for four decades.